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Hey Jay, really nice work on all three of these. Very solid tonal contrast!

Dublin 2
I’d like to hear a little bit more of the “T” in “writers” come out at the beginning. It sounded slightly too soft and I thought you said “riders” the first time listening. Could’ve just been your mic, but it stuck out to me. Aside from that, I liked this one a lot. Good pivots throughout the sentences, and you listed off the writers and attractions very well too.

Texicon Family
I thought your delivery throughout all of this was totally fine. Very friendly and good-humored which works well for corporate explainer stuff like this.

Voice For the City of Toronto
I think you should refer to “We’re all in this together” as a “phrase” instead of a “term” for starters. I think that’s just the more correct term to use for it. Aside from that I really like this one. You lift up all the relevant words super well and it just flows and makes sense.