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Hi everyone! This is my first upload for my Commercial VO homework. I would appreciate any and all feedback!

There is a little bit of background noise, unfortunately the computer I use at the moment is a PC, not a laptop, so the fans do come through. Working on getting a good VO laptop to work off of. Sorry about that, but thank you for listening!

Harvey Home Theatre:
He has a 160 IQ, performs cardiac surgery for a living. And now, he can even operate his home entertainment system. Introducing Harvey Home Theater. It’s so sophisticated, it’s simple. Dimensions of sight and sound unheard of, until now. All at your fingertips. Now, if he could only operate the microwave. Home Theater from Harvey, not your ordinary electronics store. Call for the Harvey near you.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials:
Kids can change minds. They can even change the world around us. Packed with protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals, we nourish them with Carnation Breakfast Essentials. Because today could change everything.

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