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Hi everyone, still working on some more narration scripts as I get ready for my demo. Feedback is always appreciated!

The touchscreen is your control panel for accessing functions, features and apps in your Tesla. The camera allows you to display what the high-definition rear view camera sees at any time when in Reverse. Guidelines appear and move with the steering wheel to show your trajectory. Always be sure to check your surroundings and to use your mirrors. The camera is an aid and should not be relied upon for rear view. If you are in need of additional assistance, you can reach Tesla support at eight-four-four two-four-eight-three-seven-five-two.

This is the story of a small planet in space called Earth.
Today it has mighty oceans; scorched deserts; and frozen wildernesses.
It supports a multitude of diverse creatures, and is home to more than 6 billion people and their technological civilization.

But how did all this come about? Where do we come from?

After spending four years in the Canadian Football League as a player, Grant went on to start a coaching legacy as just a 29-year-old. He proceeded to lead the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to six Grey Cups over the next 10 years, winning four of them. Ten years later, Grant came home to take over as the head coach of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings.

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