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As usual, Bil, your reads are a lot of fun.
Wondering how you recorded it – did you do it switching back and forth between characters, or one Bee and then the next, and stitched the two reads together.
Often, your music overwhelms the read, but this time, it was perfect. I heard the music, felt the music, but your reads were dominant. Great.
Bee 2 is mad, but I didn’t quite hear the anger, I would up the anger just a little bit. This is a comedy duo, and you need a straight man and a comedy man, or a light and heavy character. Bee 2 is the heavy. Of course, not too much, as this is a cartoon.
“And that, our human friends, is where the trouble begins” – sorry, but this sounds like an AI read. There were kind of glottal stops between the words, or something. It wasn’t smooth
“No, you haven’t” was an ah-shucks read. I would experiment with doing different versions, like pedandic, laconic, a tad angry (but not like Bee 2), etc.
Wish you success,