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Troy C

Hi all! I’m back with a couple other narration reads. Trying to pay attention to pacing myself and letting the script breathe, while also trying to sound more conversational, but appropriate to the script. Trying to keep a lot of things in mind, haha.

Edison Documentary
Obsessed with his work and known to be an exacting boss, Edison had an ego as incandescent as his light bulbs, a sense of his own greatness that was undoubtedly justified. He was also incredibly competitive, willing to do whatever was required to ensure that his idea won out.

Clovis Bray AI Technobabble
Can we trust an artificial intelligence to make the moral decision? The engineers of Clovis Bray conceived a solution during the development of our Warmind project. By relegating ethical decision-making to a Black Box Morality system, the Warmind instruments its own proprietary virtue quantifiers incomprehensible to even its own creators. The Warmind determines morality on its own terms, and by design we are blind to that process in order to preserve its objectivity

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