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Had a technical issue with my last post and now can’t find the post, Try Number 2. I’m doing some more homework and with the advice from my homework on August 23rd, I believe I’ve fixed some previous issues. I hope this sound more conversational and that I sound more relatable to the text. I also changed the sound and hope that it improved as well.

Tennessee Whiskey
Born from Appalachian mud and mist; from passed-down secrets and passed-on traditions; born from law abidin’ and law unabidin’; born from calloused hands and broken back; born from deep blue grass and rich Bluegrass; born from good people and shared with the same. Tennessee Whiskey.

Ben & Jerry’s Freezer Fairies (for one reader)
Hey, it’s me. The Ben & Jerry’s Freezer Fairy. That’s what I said. Ben & Jerry’s Freezer Fairy. You know some people don’t believe in Freezer Fairies. Doesn’t bother me. I know I’m here.

So listen up. Here’s how it works. Do something good out there in the world and bang. I stick a pint or two of Ben & Jerry’s in your freezer when no one is looking.

Now, do something bad and boom! No Ben & Jerry’s. Plus I stick something really weird in your freezer like frozen clams.
Hey! I ain’t no lightweight fairy that tap dances on moonbeams and stuff.
I work for a living. I got bills to pay.
Just like you guys.
So where was I?
Let’s review. Do something good….
I sneak some Ben & Jerry’s into your freezer. Maybe some Cherry Garcia.
Or some Chunky Monkey. But do something bad….
And no Ben & Jerry’s in YOUR freezer!
Plus I mess with your head a little bit.
OK, till next time. I wish you a freezer full of love and surprises.
Be good out there.

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