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Please give me your opinion on my pacing, and connection to these scripts:

Script 1:
Let’s take a look behind the scenes at some of the ways we strive to be the safest place to work while we fulfil your order.
From the start of a package’s journey, we use a range of specialized equipment to safely enhance our operations.
Packages enter our buildings through loading docks. To make these critical areas safer, our team created automated, digital cockpits to track trailers. Before anyone approaches to start unloading, we ensure they are properly docked and stationary

Script 2:
Operating efficiently in today’s global economy requires greater transparency and visibility than ever before.

And the old linear supply chain simply isn’t keeping up.

At TrackX, we provide enterprise scalable solutions to deliver better tracing, tracking and visibility throughout global supply chains.

The TrackX platform captures real-time event-driven data leading companies trust to identify inefficiencies, prove sustainability, and satisfy ESG requirements.

TrackX – Revolutionizing the Supply Chain for a More Sustainable World

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