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Hello! I like the tone of your voice, the clarity of your delivery, and these scripts are suited for you. However, it seemed to me that they were all read with the same emotion. It also sounded like you were reading, at times. What might help is to visualize yourself talking to a person next to you, and saying each line with the intention of painting a picture to the other person. For the Cancun copy, be sure not to rush it, and know that there is one feeling you are conveying in the first half (grandeur, lore, legend), and then it changes at “Today…” to a more contemporary feeling. For the Bayer recording, the delivery could be less explainer-style and perhaps more historical account/storytelling style. It seemed almost pleasant, even though the first sentence was suggesting that something else was coming. I would start that sentence with an emphasis on “We” rather than “live”. It could take on a whole different meaning once you do that. I look forward to hearing more from you.