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Hey Everybody!
I need your feedback on these reads. Just give it to me straight, I can take it — I think! I’m gearing up to record my commercial demo, so don’t hold back!

Peet’s Coffee
characters like Marie. She’s a character. She does ballet. Professionally. Because character. That’s what we’re about. Alfred Peet. Now, there was a character. He brought us craft roasted. Us, as in America. You. Me. Diane. Diane’s friend. At Peet’s, we source the best beans. We roast them. We brew them. We make great coffee. We’re Peet’s.

You know, every day is a new experience for me. There are so many things to do, and so much to learn about in school. The only way I know to get all of it done, and do it right, is to start the day off with a glass of milk. Milk puts me right where I need to be, and then I’m ready to make the most of the day. MILK … it’s the energizer I can’t do without.

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