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BlueBell: I think you have the tempo down great and hit the correct words. The tone you were going for is what I would envision for an ice cream commercial, but I don’t think pulled it off. Imagine relaxing with a bowl of this so you can sound interested. Also, act more “urging” since you’re selling something to listeners.
SmokeTreeRose: I would say the same about this one, your tempo and pitch were well applied. However the tone doesn’t match for this type of script. I think it should be more “in awe” rather than relaxed.
AppleWatch: Now the tone of script should be very excited or active, but you still sound relaxed and not very keen to share this product with the listeners. The tempo worked though and you hit the right words. …except for the list which should have varying tones.

Finally, in regards to all of them I think the recording quality needs work and the microphone seems to be making a “buzz.” I hope this helps.