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Hi Mary,

I really like the sound of your voice! Very relatable and credible. I think that for the Vanguard read, you might want to try speaking more from the point of view of the representative of that company, and also as that representative speaking to someone across the table from you or sitting next to you – it might change how you say things if you’re in that kind of setting. I also noticed glottal stops on the “o” words, like “our” and “on.”

I think perhaps the Westin read ended up being rushed because you were trying to make it flow! I do this too. You’ll be able to make it flow without affecting your pace, which should be a little slower (given the context of this piece), but not too slow, of course! It would be great to hear this one again but with the descriptive words accentuated.

Overall, great job. Looking forward to hearing more from you.