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I really enjoyed all three of your reads! You have a warm voice and have a lot of variety and specificity in your delivery. For the Orton copy, the only feedback i’d say is it felt like there was just a bit too much air in between sentences. I’m sure if this was actually part of a guided tour that pause would be necessary but when just listening to it, it breaks the momentum and makes each sentence have to build energy from zero.
For the destiny script, I liked your read a lot! Make sure to really ask that question at the beginning, and maybe try exploring the danger of letting AI determine it’s own morality a little more? Or just get a bit more specific on your point of view.
For the capsule read, it felt as though each word was a bit clipped and detached from the rest of the sentences – i think focusing on the idea an meaning of the sentences as a whole will help to make the read sound a bit more natural while still keeping that professional explainer sound.