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Hi all. Uploading my homework assignment from coaching session number 2 for critique. Primarily focusing on emphasizing the right words and avoiding glottal stops. But I’m certainly open to any and all feedback. Thank you all in advance.

    Fish Boil

Even people who don’t like fish, have been known to like this fish. That’s why a fish boil is a must-do experience when you visit Door County. It all starts with a blazing bonfire under a kettle of salted water. People circle around to warm themselves and take in the crisp smell. When the temperature is just right and the crackle of the fire is just loud enough, the boil master adds a basket of potatoes and onions to the kettle. A few crackles later, the mild whitefish steaks, fresh from Lake Michigan, are delicately lowered in. At just the right moment, kerosene is tossed into the fire, exciting the blaze and causing the water to boil over, dramatically carrying off the fish oil that has collected on top. The fish are pulled out and greeted with a generous drizzling of butter. Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served.

    Liquiband Flow

Developed with the input of clinicians across the globe, Liquiband Flow Control’s innovative design insures precise adhesive placement. The winged applicator packaging facilitates safe and easy activation, along with accuracy and control.
Liquiband Flow Control can be applied in 3 simple steps:
Step 1: While holding the container upright, squeeze the applicator wings until a cracking sound is heard.
Step 2: Ensure that the wound is thoroughly clean and dry prior to closure. Invert the tip and gently squeeze the wings to prime the device. When the tip turns violet, Liquiband Flow Control is ready to use.
Step 3: While holding the wound edges together, apply an even coat of Liquiband over the length of the wound, and continue to hold the wound edges together for 30 seconds.


Make yourself comfortable, sitting upright, with a straight spine. With your eyes closed, look at the point midway between the eyebrows on your forehead. Inhale slowly, counting to eight. Hold the breath for the same eight counts while concentrating your attention at the point between the eyebrows. Now exhale slowly to the same count of eight. Repeat three to six times.

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