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Hi All,

I hope everyone is staying safe!

I am currently working on my narration demo and working on keeping tone the same, as well as not rushing too much. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


In the spring of 1987, Stevie Nicks checked herself into the Betty Ford clinic to end more than a decade of c*****e abuse. After undergoing a 30-day treatment, she was released. Stevie was determined to stay clean and anxious to continue her demanding career. She immediately went into the studio to record Tango in the Night with Fleetwood Mac. It would be their last album together for more than a decade. (music cue – “Seven Wonders”) By early 1988, Stevie Nicks was running out of steam. She was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. After four months on the Tango in the Night tour, her final few shows had to be canceled.

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