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Hi Jay,
Your voice is very robust, upbeat, and clear! I did notice a slight difference in tone or emotion that you applied to each read, but I still noticed a hint of announcer or sales quality. For instance, when you read the “robes, coats, clothing trims, and top hats,” it felt like a description of an array of products, and “state of the art platforms” also ended with a similar inflection. I’m not a coach so hopefully I’m not conflicting with what your coach says, but it seems like for narration, it’s important to see which words are important to emphasize, and focus less on making it sound appealing, so perhaps consider slightly decreasing the “oomph” of the read and settle down into a more factual, person-standing-next-to-you read. If you were actually near the actual beavers in the first read, consider what volume you would need to have without disturbing the animals! I enjoyed all three reads overall, though! Thanks for posting.