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I have a “rate” question for you!

A person has created a 10 minute long video that will be published on youtube. It’s a video of him playing a certain popular game…he travels by air from one popular spot in the world to another, and shows off the amazing game scenery and the mechanics of the game throughout the video. He’d like me to narrate a script he wrote that covers the first approx 3 minutes of the video; it greets all the youtubers and then explains not only what he’s about to show them, but also talks about the departure and destination cities, telling about popular features of each. There will also be some interesting facts about some of the scenery between the cities.

So the question is: According to, what rate category would this type of job fall under?

I don’t think its “video games”, because he’s playing a game that’s already created…so I’m not a voice in the game.
I don’t think its “explainers”; it’s apparently too long for that.
Maybe Guided Tours?
My first guess was “Documentary”, but…that’s not a category.

Any help would be great…thanks!