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Hi Jorjiecat! Welcome to the forums! For being completely new to VO (which I am as well), you have a great start! I love the story you tell with your voice. There is a relaxing quality to it that makes me think that you would do well with audiobook narration, perhaps with some coaching.

I wanted to ask what you use to record the audio? There is a lot of background noise (perhaps cars passing by?).

In Peet’s Coffee, the biggest thing that I noticed was that I detected an East Coast accent on the first syllable of “character.” I only bring this up in case you didn’t notice, and because that word comes up quite a bit in the script. The accent was a lot less present on the second syllable of “America,” though.

Your History Channel spot was my favorite! Your tone was great for this type of ad, and I enjoyed your choices of where (and for how long) to pause. I think it sounds like you’re going below your natural low range at times in this ad (especially on “before our time” and “a thousand lives”), which you may want to work on.

I loved the energy in the Honey Bunches of Oats spot! When you described the ingredients of the cereal, I had a vivid picture in my head. In the end, however, I thought maybe you could try to work on your inflection on “a cereal my whole family loves” – perhaps not breaking it up in the middle and ending in a more downward inflection, but without losing the energy that you already have.

I hope my notes helped! Again, great start!