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Some commercial homework. Working on trying to sound conversational and not presentational! Also, working on not pitching down at the end of my sentences too much. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!!

If you floss you know what a two-handed tug of war feels like. Which is why we at Waterpik are introducing the Flosser. At a speed of 10,000 gentle strokes per minute, its nylon tip effectively removes plaque above and below the gumline. Making it a fast, easy and more convenient way to keep gums their healthiest, and teeth their cleanest. With no strings attached.

Cellular One:
Here’s what I know. I know how to house train a dog. I know long division. I know deep down that most pro-football players are big sissies. I know life is really like a box of chocolates. I know that the big secret to the Crying Game is that it was a c****y movie. I know what time it is. I know Shakespeare new er wrote a play called “I Love To Go Swimming”. Okay, so I know a lot of useless stuff. But one thing I know that is useful, is where to buy a cell phone. And that’s Cellular One. Call 1-800-cell-talk.

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