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Hi Dickson,
Good voice, good sound. First read: good, but I would vary it a bit more with a tad more acting. Not too much, you are very close. The text is ” a car that can actually see like a human, using stereotcopic cameras, and even stop itself if it has to. The technology ….. ” the stop itself line seems to be out of place. We are talking about the car seeing, and then one thing the car can do alluvasudden. It needs to be moved, or a couple of words to introduce it, like “…. cameras, this car can even stop itself if it has to …. ”
Second read: Cool, you sound like a different person. This is fun, I’m a gunna buy me a lottery ticket next time I’m in Omaha !
Third read: Yet a third person. Nice. Minor quibble: “In this world” sounds like “in this whorle”. And I would vary the read a bit. Just a bit, because it’s at the same spooky level the whole way.