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Hi Suecat –
Welcome to the forum! I couldn’t listen to these easily as they were exported in an .m4a vs an .mp3. I’m thinking that’s why you don’t have any feedback.
Kashi Read: Your enunciation and tone of the read are great. When you say “must there be h**l in a heavenly…” line, I think you may want to make sure that you think about the purpose of the line and what you are trying to envoke from the person you are speaking to. Love the ending – great way to keep us interested.
Chewy Read: Make sure to know who you are speaking to. This felt more like you were reading it to me then telling me something about Chewy. I know our coaches tell us all the time, but picture that person you are trying to talk to and let that help inform your pitch and tone.

Good luck to you! Looking forward to hearing more!