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Good voice, and the audio was perfect, didn’t hear any noise or background. At one point, on first listen, I though the first read was about a daughter whose elderly parent is in the hospital and is now incontinent. But after listening again, it sounds like an every day mother who just had a little girl. I think I thought it was about an elderly parent because when you started you were a bit “down”. And having an elderly parent in that situation is certainly a downer. So, I would consider ” upping” it a bit, remembering that having a baby is a very positive and happy event, even though it can be nerve-wracking for a first-time mother. And discovering that her skin is so delicate is a real discovery, like “”hey did you realize that a baby’s skin is REALLLLY delicate? Wow. And the solution that solves all our problems is – Pampers. Of course, it’s obvious, why didn’t I think of that. ” Something like that. It would give the read more kick, I think. Keep at it, you sound great !