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Hey everyone. Here are some recordings for my homework. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!

Its not just another mind-numbing family road trip to Grandma’s. It’s a tongue-biting, seat-wetting ride with GAME BOY ADVANCED ! Now with wider screen, enhanced graphics, and multi-player options. Game boy…ride with it.

Lens Crafters
Helping people see is our calling. It’s what drives us all at Lens Crafters, the ability we have to give people better vision. We all feel that way. It’s who we really are as people. The smile that I get when people try on their glasses for the first time, that’s what it’s all about. Every hour, every day, we’re helping someone see.

Wendy’s — Bacon Swiss Burger
What’s so special about Wendy’s new Bacon Swiss Burger? Bacon. Special Sauce. Swiss cheese. More bacon. All on a toasted kaiser bun. It’s the only bacon swiss burger with three strips of bacon! Mmmm. Doesn’t that sound delicious? WENDY’S NEW BACON SWISS BURGER. Come on in now and grab one while they’re hot!

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