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AvatarJohn Trape

Hello everyone,

I have recorded the following narration scripts and would very much welcome any and all feedback, particularly regarding pitch.

Best wishes,


1. Walgreens – New Team Members
After more than a century in business, we know what makes a great Walgreens team member. It’s the type of person who values change and excitement. The ones who thrive in a fast-paced environment, ready to learn something new every day. Forward-thinkers. Great communicators. Innovators. People with the drive to succeed – not only for themselves, but also for their co-workers, the company as a whole and the communities we serve. We all come from different backgrounds and bring valuable diverse ideas, but a common mission unites us. And we’re looking for students and recent graduates who are up to the challenge.

2. The Julia
You’re listening to the actual recording of “the Julia”. A subsonic moan that doesn’t match the sound of any marine creature ever recorded.
Many biologists will tell you it’s a deep-sea distress call.
And when you listen, it’s easy to see why.
The mysterious howling was captured by deep-sea hydrophones off the coast of Cape Adare.
The same place Nasa captured photographs of a huge, unexplained shadow moving through the water.
It may well be a coincidence, but if the Julia really is a distress call from the deep, perhaps it’s time we answered.
Ninety-five per cent of our oceans remain unexplored.
Are we killing what we’ve yet to discover?

3. Voice for the City of Toronto
You know that term “We’re all in this together?” Well, it’s true.
While some of us might be working in government and others not, we’re actually all in the same boat. You see, we’re citizens as well.
We all want the same thing. A city that works for everyone. As fast and efficient and as relevant as can be. Thriving, accessible, and inclusive.

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