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Hi everyone – here are some more practice recordings for my narration homework. Trying different genres to get a feel for what my voice would be suited to. Any and all feedback welcome. Thank you so much!

Autism Awareness:As a parent, you can’t help but look at your child and dream about what the future holds. But while you’re dreaming, consider this – the odds that your child will be diagnosed with autism are 1 in 88. Knowing the signs of autism and catching it early can make a world of difference. To learn the signs visit Brought to you by Autism Speaks and the Ad Council.

Macarons are one of the most popular but also most challenging desserts to get right. We spent many months and made dozens of batches in the pursuit of trying to find a recipe and some foolproof techniques to help you get it right the first time. A perfect macaron should be chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. First things first, you want to let the egg whites come to room temperature for at least 30 minutes before you get started. Having the egg whites rest is gonna result in a much fluffier, airier meringue. So, protip, a really easy way to separate your white from your yolks is to use your hands or you can alternate between eggshells. Now we can move on to our dry ingredients.

Giant snakes have a reputation of being aggressive. The anaconda measures over 16 feet and weighs 180 pounds. Its mouth is like a clamp and an animal struggling to get free only sets the grip tighter. At the same time it sets its bite, the anaconda loops its powerful coils around its victim and begins to squeeze. The process takes little more than a second, hardly enough time to react.

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