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My comments on each performance are numbered accordingly:
1. You’re on the right track. You’ve got a great voice and your read had fitting pitch and tempo for the script. The serious tone you adopted was good too although it sounds more like you’re reading than speaking. Next time, try to imagine you’re speaking to someone in front of you or maybe beside.
2. You’re pitch and tempo are still good, though I think the pauses were too long. The tone needs work, you don’t sound particularly interested in or even concerned with the Anne E Casey foundation.
3. You still don’t sound too interested, but halfway you seem to pick up the tone well. Your tempo and pitch are still really good, but the list components wound up rather bland. You should work on making each part of the list uniqe in some way so the listeners won’t get bored.

I think your tone is spot on for narration, but could suit plenty of commercials too. Just remember to make your reads sound conversational.