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Hello everyone, I’m practicing for a commercial demo. All comments are appreciated, especially those focused on performance and audio quality. Thanks!

American Express: Do you know me? Probably not. In my business, recognition is always important, but when I’m buying goods online I prefer a little privacy. With Private Payments from American Express, I get the security of a unique number created for each business transaction I make. Because my private information is my business, and American Express keeps it that way.

If a phone rings at your car insurance company, and no one’s around to hear it… does it make a sound?
Or… if a tree falls on your car, and no one’s around to answer the call, do YOU make a sound?
The answer is probably… yes, and, like a howler monkey.
Unless you’re calling esurance. They have live humans on the line to help you 24/7.
So you might make different sounds, like happy human sounds.
Esurance. Insurance for the modern world.
Click or call.

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