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Hi all! Thanks for your feedback last time I posted here. It certainly helped with this weeks homework. I moved my mic over to the side of my mouth to reduce plosives a significant amount (though I’m still learning how to full edit them down properly) and I’ve tried slowing my speech down. My latest issue has been mouth noises, but hydrating and learning about the “Apple trick” helped me reduce that by a huge margin. Here are my scripts for the recordings. Thank you!

Animal Heroes: Not all heroes are human. Sometimes heroes bark, meow, or even grunt. They may be covered with fur, have curly tails, or live in an alley. We’re about to meet some real-life animal heroes. Each one of these heroes has performed an amazing rescue. Sometimes they even put themselves in danger to help others. We’ll meet a dog who rescues stray cats. A brave cat who saved her five kittens from a fire. A pig who got help for her owner who was having a heart attack. And a guide dog who led his owner down 71 flights of stairs when the World Trade Center was attacked.

Guided Tour: Welcome to Gordon College!
This tour begins just outside the tunnel that goes under College Drive near the flagpole.
We will tour East campus first, followed by West Campus, and end the tour back here at the tunnel.
Periodically, I will ask you to pause the recording so that you can walk to the next point or take a few minutes to independently tour the area.
I will always use the word “pause” when you need to pause the recording.
And I will always use the word “stop” when you need to stop walking while I continue speaking.

Explainer Intro: Would you like to buy a house?
Maybe it’s your first house, or even your 2nd and you just think that MAYBE you didn’t think hard enough about the last one.
Listen, I love Real Estate. And in most cases, even a bad deal can work to your advantage in the very long run.
But there are dumb things that people do without realizing it when they buy a house.
Humor me for a short story before we get into the meat of this video.

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