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Hello kind folks! Uploading a few takes of commercial reads I’m working on. I really appreciate the time and any feedback you have.

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A key to reducing waste is to shop wisely and purchase only what you need

You can also buy household products with less packaging

And when it comes to food opt for loose produce

So reduce, then recycle the rest

The more you know


At the gate the everyday vanishes

Here your thoughts are a little clearer

Your appetite for life a little sharper

This mountain, as captivating under summer flowers as it is under snow

Aspen is a one-of-a-kind resort

Unhurried Carefree And cozy like an Alpine Village under a starry night


There is a rhythm to life

We sleep at night and wake in the morning

It’s the sleep cycle that helps keep us in a healthy balance

But for millions of Americans sleep doesn’t always come easily

For them there’s AMBIEN

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