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Robert Broussard

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Barneys Mens apparel 60s from 70s TV
In 1923 Barney Pressman opened a little store on 7th Avenue and 17th Street. He opened that store with a grand total of 40 suits. He sold the suits during the good times and he got by on the seat of his pants during the bad times. He worked long…and he worked hard. But if he did anything, he always gave the people in this town what they wanted. Their money’s worth. He named his store Barney’s. And today his store is still giving people their money’s worth. Only now, Barney’s has a lot more to give. Today that little hole in the block is not only the whole block, it’s the single largest men’s store in the world. Barney’s has changed a lot since 1923…but the idea of giving people their money’s worth hasn’t.

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