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Hello hello! Here I am for my final commercial coaching homework – 3 scripts as polished and refined as I could get them/hear them. To my ear I tried to record these with no glottal stops, no uptalk, no unnecessary pauses (only pausing at commas and periods), no words were under enunciated, and lastly I ensured that any list was varied within.
Here are the scripts, let me know how I did, if I actually succeeded at producing 3 very polished reads or not!

Intuition – Introducing Intuition. The only all-in-one razor that lathers and shaves in one easy step. You’ll never need shave gel, soap or body wash again, because Intuition’s triple blades are surrounded by a unique Skin Conditioning Solid. With just water, it smooths and soothes to give you soft, smooth, touchable skin with every shave. Shaving’s never been so simple.

Crayola Markers – Crayola Color Wonder Markers color only on special paper. So, your kids can express their creativity more often…in more places…with less mess. Crayola Color Wonder. It starts with Crayola.

New York Life – Peace of mind is waiting to meet you all across the country. In towns big and small, there’s a New York Life agent who can help you to secure your future and protect your family. New York Life–The Company You Keep.

Hope you enjoy and I welcome any and all feedback!

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