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Mr. Rogue! Nice work! In these reads there is a lot more encouragement in getting your listener to come to the KSC. Of these four, I liked the first best, up until “Come to where the most amazing things on earth… soar high above it.” As before, you didn’t honor the ellipses. But you did in the others. And for that line, I liked 3 the best. I think it best captured the irony that the the most amazing things on earth are not on earth.

For sound quality in that last 3, I think you’re right in your assessment. It sounds like you’re in a tin can. There may be a lot of sound reflecting surfaces in the space. You’ll need more than a pillow behind your mic. Fill your closet with clothes, or blankets or other sound absorbent materials. And if the closet remains open to your hallway, consider ways to damped reflective surfaces in the hallway – rugs on the floor, foam on the walls. If you can close the door, give that a try.