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Hello, everyone! Another pass at alternate reads on this script–my thanks to Mary (mkell755) and tomnunes for their fantastic input!

Also found that my mic was picking up some low level ambient noise (because New York), so I’ve made the move into a home studio (i.e. the hall closet with a pillow stuffed behind my mic). Please let me know if there’s an improvement in sound quality. (I feel Take 1 “in the wild” sounds better than the takes in the studio/closet. I’m guessing I need further sound dampening in my “booth” to alleviate the hollow quality).

As always, all comments are welcome on both performance and recording quality. My thanks for taking the time to listen!


Look at us, heads down, our noses pressed against tiny little screens constantly searching for the next big thing. The next big thing isn’t happening in the palm of your hand,
it’s happening above you –far above you. Come to where the most amazing things on earth… soar high above it. The Kennedy Space Center. Look up!

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