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Here’s just a few commercial reads I’m practicing with:

At Freshii you can customize your entree and be your own culinary master. So what’s in your custom bowl? Tex Mex with black beans and a little salsa fresca? Teriyaki twist with a pop of pineapple? Whatever your fresh idea, get any 2 bowls for just $12.99! Freshii – Eat. Energize!

Sesame Place is the theme park where Sesame Street comes to life! New in 2018 is our biggest, most exciting roller coaster ever – Oscar’s Wacky Taxi™! Bring the entire family to whirl on rides, splash down slides and hug everyone’s favorite furry friends. So before little kids become big kids, bring them to meet their Sesame Street friends at Sesame Place® theme park!

The familiar Square bottle. The Label at an angle of precisely 24 degrees. The iconic sketch of a striding Edwardian Dandy. Red, Black, Green, Gold. And now, the grandest of them all. The Blue Label. Johnnie Walker. Keep Walking.

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