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Hey there! OK! First of all, have you set up a home studio yet? You sound kinda boom-y/echo-y which will right away take your audition out of consideration. If you’re just recording these for class and are not submitting auditions from home then let’s just dive into your reads. As always, you could read me the Wall Street Journal and make it sound like cookies and a warm fire… so there’s that.

I can only hit a couple of points for each of these…

I’d love for you to give the first word in the first two spots the same importance that you give the first word of the last one.

First spot. What is important about having two boys and being close to a grocery store and hospital? Know the answer before you say that line. Find the humor and irony in that.

Second spot. I completely lose “When the…” at the top. Overall the second read is nice and I think if you take your time a bit more with it you can lock it in.

Third spot. I didn’t understand the words “dark spot” and “targeted”. The whole read was a bit rushed and mushy. And I say that with love.

I think you should REALLY work on giving yourself a lead in for each these. It’ll help you sound more connected and conversational.

GREAT to hear you again!