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Hi all! Its been a minute since I’ve posted anything in the forum. Here is a cold read. I realize there are some plosives and I mispronounced “East Campus”. I’m working on something I’ve been learning at Larry Hudson’s vocal workout group. He says “There are Phrases, and inside phrases are Ideas, and within ideas are beats” I’ve been blasting through my sentences for fear of the dreaded micropause where there shouldn’t be pauses, but in studying how to sound conversational, I realize that we do pause when we talk at certain times, often at the points mentioned above. Anyways, any feedback is appreciated thank you!

Welcome to Gordon College!
This tour begins just outside the tunnel that goes under College Drive near the flagpole.
We will tour East campus first, followed by West Campus, and end the tour back here at the tunnel.
Periodically, I will ask you to pause the recording so that you can walk to the next point or take a few minutes to independently tour the area.
I will always use the word “pause” when you need to pause the recording.
And I will always use the word “stop” when you need to stop walking while I continue speaking.

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