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Bill Anciaux

Hello, I like the way you connect words and phrases together within a phrase/sentence — really professional. Not sure I agree with your choice to edit your performances as you did here, however, removing breaths and some of the pause that would naturally happen between sentences. It makes the rhythm of each piece too constant, in my opinion. Your voice is like a dish of Rocky Road ice cream — smooth, creamy, and deliciously textured. (Feel free to put that on your website.) But I wonder if you love hearing yourself in the headphones. Reason I ask is your performances sound slightly affected to me, like you’re a little caught up with the beauty of your voice. When I crank up my headphones, I tend to listen to my voice too much and don’t stay as connected to the script. It’s a subtle thing. What if you tried performing with headphones off. It might help you listen less and relax into the read…and do it in one take, rather than splice the best version of each sentence together. My apologies if my assumptions are way off. Also, that third piece stood out to me, nice full levels. I heard a small plosive on the first phrase of the second one, between “sleep” and “guide.” Small thing but it could have cost you.

Anyway, I enjoyed each piece and respect your skills. Thanks, Bill A.