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Hi all, getting some practice in as I work toward a narration demo. Took a crack at a medical and e-learning script. Any feedback is appreciated. The medical read just felt like a string of large words… I tried to get it to flow as best as I could, but it felt like foreign language.

Guitar Tip
And now for the Guitar Tip Of The Week:
Take care of your hands. You can finger notes more easily if you keep the nails on your fret hand trimmed short. Leave the nails on your picking hand slightly longer to facilitate plucking the strings. Rough edges on your nails will impair the tone of your playing, so be sure to use a good set of clippers and an emery board to maintain smooth nail tips. Wash your hands prior to playing. Clean hands transmit less dirt and help maintain string life and tone.

Phytophotodermatitis (Medical Narration)
Phytophotodermatitis is a nonimmunologic phototoxic cutaneous eruption resulting from contact with photosensitizing substances found in plants; furocoumarins (present in limes and other plants) are typically implicated and get activated following exposure to sunlight, especially 320-400 nanometer UVA rays.

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