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Hi Mary
I could hear the connection of you being a former owner who really liked their SUV. Nice pitch, nice tempo. I agree with the other posters and I also suggest a few little tweaks, At the beginning, I hear “IV” ( like in give) instead of “IF”. Also, at the end of the first phrase, I think if the emphasis moved to the second syllable of invention and you lost the uptalk used on the third, it would better set up what this conditional statement is designed to communicate. I believe but am not sure you were starting to run out of breath at very end of the long sentence starting “after all”. The word “handy” sounded a little slurry. Finally, I think a little more energy would be good applied to the final “Nissan Xterra” – “Xterra” sounded a little bit downbeat and after all, it is what this message is about.