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Hello all!

Here is one of my last uploads before I record my commercial demo reel! Let me know what you think (I finally created a DIY VO booth in my closet so there isn’t any awful echo or reverb on my reads! Here are the scripts for the 3 products:

Sandals Resorts – Somewhere in the Caribbean, there are 5-star luxury resorts where it’s all-inclusive, all the time. Sandals, where love is all you need. Because everything else is included. Call 1-800-Sandals.

Honey Bunches of Oats – It’s amazing! I never thought one cereal would make my whole family stay for breakfast. HONEY BUNCHES OF OATS. There’s never been a cereal like it. With big corn flakes and crunchy bunches of oats. Finally … a cereal my whole family loves.

Ziploc – Only Ziploc brand bags have a unique interlocking zipper to lock in freshness in a way no other bag can. When it comes out this fresh, you know it went in a Ziploc bag. Ziploc. We’ve got a lock on freshness.

Hope you enjoy!

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