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Hello! I’m looking for feedback on this practice take. I’m aiming for a young audience, e learning style.

“These words have something in common. Can’t, won’t, don’t….. They are contraction words! In today’s lesson we will learn about contractions and work with a few examples.

What Is a Contraction?

Imagine blowing up a balloon and watching it expand. It gets bigger and bigger. Now if we let the air out, it shrinks, or contracts. To contract means to get smaller.

In writing, you can use a contraction to combine two words together and make a shorter word. In other words, the contraction shrinks the two words. So a contraction is just a word that’s a shortened form of two words put together.

For example, when the words can and not are put together, the contraction word can’t is formed. The apostrophe is the small punctuation mark that takes the place of the letters we’ve removed. In the case of can’t, the apostrophe replaces the ‘n’ and the ‘o’ of not.”

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