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Hi there, I tried posting this last night but it didn’t work, sorry if this is a duplicate! This is a longer read than I normally post. I was trying to not overthink it and was working a bit on my cold reading skills. Please let me know if I sound conversational and spontaneous and if I’m missing the mark please let me know how. I appreciate your constructive criticism!

Welcome to BabyBallot, the fun and interactive new way to find the best name for your baby. BabyBallot replaces those boring baby name books and stuffy research websites with a simple, and social way to find the best name.. and win prizes in the process!
In under 2 min you can choose your favorite baby names and invite friends and family to vote via Facebook and Twitter. Whether you’re into Hawaiian names, traditional names, or what’s popular right now, we’ve got you covered with the best collection of names anywhere.
Here’s how it works.
Create your BabyBallot and select your favorite names. Then, invite friends and family to vote via email, twitter, or directly from facebook. Loved ones from all over the globe can now be involved in this fun, and important, decision. When friends arrive to your BabyBallot, they can send you comments, suggest additional names, and finally cast their votes!
And by casting their votes, they can win you great baby prizes like strollers, cribs and other baby products. The BabyBallot with the most votes each week wins!

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