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More commercial practice…right now, the things I’m really working on:
– pacing: trying to not rush without slowing down so much that it bogs down the “natural” tone of the read
– connecting/being specific with who I’m talking to, where we are, why I’m talking
– not hitting the conjunctions hard…I tend, for some reason, to really hit the “and” and the “or” in lists harder than needs be, and I’m trying to do these lists in a way that give contrast but don’t emphasize the conjunctions so that the list flows.

Here are the three scripts (tried going out of my comfort zone for one of them):

Wet/Dry Vac
It’s not that you’d ever find yourself removing puddles from a remote mountain trail…
But with a full size, cordless, wet-dry vac…you could.
Powerful,… durable…and the ability to run on two batteries for double the run time.

Venus Spa Breeze
Every Goddess deserves a little more me time. So there’s new 2 in 1 Venus Spa Breeze. The only razor with lathering shave gel bars infused with a soft fresh scent of white tea. Now you can easily smooth your skin while indulging your sense. Just wet, shave, and relax. Venus Spa Breeze. Reveal the Goddess in you.

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