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Hi Eelalannee! Good reads!
Script 1: JC Penney – good energy throughout. I realize this is for practice but I heard a couple of extra words inserted into the script. “The right side: (is) creative…” and “The left side: organized (and) practical,…” Also the “to” in between “20 to 30% got smushed / shortened, it sounded like “20 t 30%”, (just the “t” sound but not the word). I tend to do that too, so I notice it when I hear it. Also, “The left side” raised in pitch, as if it were a question, not a period. These are small things 🙂

Script 2: Dove – great flow, pacing and clarity. I like the lead in “I mean” at the beginning of the read, helped it sound more natural and conversational. Great energy and enthusiasm throughout. Good job, keep it up!