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Yeah! I love scripts like these. I could tell you were getting into it; it had good energy.

In terms of feedback, I hope I don’t sound overly-pragmatic, but one thing I had to learn through error is ‘clipping’ the microphone. I really really really love when I can be as crazy as I want in front of the microphone, but one thing I had to learn is how to put the same energy into my voice without raising the volume very much. The more sensitive your microphone (generally) the easier it is to blow out the sound/distort it by going too loud. So for practice, yeah, swing for the parks (vocal health first of course). Just understand that if you want to use that voice professionally, you’ll need to compliment that understanding with how to work under the limits of your mic. It may feel like you’re putting a silencer on a shotgun, but you get better at it the more you practice and play with your gain and mic distance. And I’m just stating because I don’t know how much you do or don’t know, but clipping is where the waveform you see when recording “hits the roof and floor limits” and causes distortion.

The British take was funny. but kinda had the opposite problem. I am absolutely NOT discouraging you from trying it. Please keep at it. But despite the fluidity and confidence you had, when a person doesn’t or can’t raise their voice above a certain level, it’s a dead giveaway that raising it above it presses their boundaries of that voice too hard. I guess in a word, it was obviously not your second-skin so to speak; which just takes practice and challenging that practice. When you can comfortably shout as a character is when you really have the reins, in my opinion.

Just things to keep in mind throughout your journey. Not knocking your efforts. Keep at it til you’re a master of disguise!