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Hello everyone! Wow, pretty slick new interface on the Feedback Forum! Just getting back into the saddle after a bit of a hiatus and what better subject than a little spiel for Jack Daniels whiskey:


Here in Lynchburg, Tennessee you can still pause on a Sunday walk to talk to your
neighbors about the lack of rain in the mountains and lack of sense in Washington.

You can still pick enough wild blueberries to fill a bucket on a lazy summer afternoon,
—though I’ll wager more of ’em end up in your belly than in your bucket.

And when the sun hits it just right, you can still see the old tin roof of the distillery
where Jack Daniel made his world-renowned whiskey.

Like everything here, we still make our whiskey in a slow and unhurried fashion, just like ole Jack did back in 1866.

One sip and you’ll be glad to know we still take our time when we make our whiskey.

Jack Daniels…smooth sipping Tennessee whiskey.

Raw, at-home recording. Trying for a natural, folksy read leaning into my natural accent (which I usually try to squelch!) All feedback is welcome, thanks for taking the time to listen!

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