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Hi Everyone!

I’ve recently started exploring VO and heading down the path of narration. Hoping for some feedback on my first assignment as I continue working toward a demo. I appreciate any tips, advice, thoughts!

History Channel – Ancient Aliens Script
Is the U.S. Government covering up the truth about alien contact…and if so, why.
Could the government have a secret agenda… one known to only a select few… and perhaps dating back hundreds of years.
On Dec 16, 2017….The New York Times ran an explosive story…. entitled “Glowing Auras and Black Money: ….The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program…. It was the first time the American public learned of a top-secret US government project… the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program otherwise known as AATIP.

Laser Dentistry
Lasers are changing the way fearful patients feel about dentistry. Our doctor uses state-of-the-art soft touch lasers for gentle, effective treatments in all facets of our care. From deep cleanings to root canal therapy, lasers offer a virtually pain free dental experience. We also use lasers to gently numb teeth, eliminate decay, and fill cavities without the need for numbing shots or drilling. And when you experience 21st-Century laser technology, combined with our gentle touch and compassionate care, you’ll see dentistry in a whole new light! Schedule your appointment today.

Tax Fundamentals
On this episode, we’re talking about: Deductions
So let’s say you’re single with a job as a lion tamer. You live alone, have no dependents, and your yearly income is eighty eight thousand dollars.
You have two choices when it comes to deductions: You can itemize your deductions, or take the standard deduction.
The lion food is an example of an itemized deduction. You can claim multiple itemized deductions but there are limits for each tax bracket and rules around each deduction.
The standard deduction is a fixed amount associated with your filing status and tax bracket. If you don’t want to add up all your expenses, the IRS allows you to just take the standard deduction. If your itemized deductions don’t add up to a lot, taking the standard deduction instead can often save you more money on your taxes.
So that’s the skinny of Tax Deductions. Want to learn more, CTA. Thanks for watching Tax Fundamentals.