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It’s a good read Mary! You definitely sound authentic to me. I have one comment I’d like to put out there for you and others that is not so much about your read as it is about commercial reads in general and how to approach them. I keep hearing that “conversational”, “person next door” reads are the way to go. But I listened to a number of actual commercials yesterday on the ispottv website, and noticed that, to me anyway, there appear to be a number that really don’t sound all that “conversational”. Car commercials especially stood out, but there were others, like a “scrubbing bubbles” toilet cleaner commercial, that sounds very “charactery” (sorry if that’s not a great descriptive). So it just leaves me struggling a bit as to when we should be going “natural”, versus maybe a bit charactery/over-the-top? I guess it all depends on what the piece’s/client’s direction is? Would love to hear what others think. T