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Hi reeyab!

Really good job in changing your tone in each read!

Script 1: Perhaps raise your tone and pitch on American Cancer Society?

Script 2: I noticed you dipped in tone at the end of “Something else happens.” Just a tad. It was still clear, to me. Be mindful of pausing mid-sentence, not in the script. (These abused and neglected animals are shivering in the cold and desperately trying to stay alive, but for many of them, time is running out. And that’s why we urgently need your help today.)

Script 3: Nice work!

Script 4: Slight micro pause in first sentence. Minor.

Tried my best to give feedback since your recordings are only coming through on the left side.

On the snow front, the mid to southern Green Mountains got walloped as well! I am more north, but we’ll get it soon enough. Good day to stay in!

Keep it up!