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Hi Amitofu. First, thanks so much for your great feedback on my posting below. Really appreciate it.I’ll make my comments for each of your reads in the order they appear:

First read: Sounds great!

Second read:Not sure if that’s an English accent you’re trying to effect, or just a bit of a character accent? If English (and as someone with an English mother, grandmother, etc) I’d say it’s so-so and could use some work. My coach’s advice has been to avoid doing accents unless they’re “spot on”.

Third read: Great also – just one minor bit of slurring the word “savings” in “savings account”.

Fourth read: Great.

Fifth read: (Oliver’s Fox Squad) – I loved this one! I can easily imagine hearing it on a promo during Saturday morning cartoons!

Sixth read: Also very good. As with Mary’s comments, I’m impressed with the range of voices you have. Great work!