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Evette –
Welcome and best of luck on your new journey! I’m relatively new as well and have learned that practice and training are invaluable.

To your scripts – I agree on the need to dial back on the tempo a little. I think it would also help if you took apart each script to identify a few more key words and phrases that you can emphasize by differentiating pitch. This would help the storylines become a little sharper as well as making each sound different from the others.

I also heard a few words in “France” that didn’t match the script – “an evening” should be “any evening” and “subliminally” should be “sublimely”. Also in Oil of Olay, you need to nail the product name – it’s only used once in the entire script. I heard “Oll of Olay” instead of “Oil of Olay” – I think slowing down the tempo overall would correct this and some other enunciation issues.

Keep at it!